7-Day Weight Loss Challenge

Are you ready to let go of fast food and sweets? Well if you do want to lose some weight, you need to let go of that sweet indulgence. Conquer your cravings and start a new lifestyle. Can you do this? Of course, you can!

Following this seven-day weight challenge can help you develop healthy eating habits, drop excess weight, improve health, increase energy and become confident!

This challenge can be obviously challenging at first but once you start doing it, you’ll notice how it begins to be part of your system and you’ll reap the wonderful benefits!


  1. No Fast-foods And Sweets. The first rule of this challenge is strictly no fast-food and sweets such as candies, chocolates, chips, cakes, cookies, fast-food, muffins, ice cream, donuts, white bread, white rice, fried meals, pastries , soda, alcoholic drinks, protein bars and store-bought juices. This “hypothyroid diet method” can help you lose up 10 pounds within the month.

  2. Have A Balanced Diet. Balance your diet with colorful food. Green vegetables, assortment of fruits, dried fruits, chicken, lean meat, fresh fish, whole grains, beans, row nuts, and seeds. Focus on eating healthily.

  3. Drink Plenty Of Water. Drink at least 2.5 liters of clean water daily. Drinking plenty of water can hydrate you and flush out unwanted toxins.

  4. 30-Minute Exercise Daily. Along with healthy diet, regular exercise should also be done at least 30-minutes a day. Choose from weight training, cardio routine or any kind of workout you need. If exercise is not that inviting, a one hour walk a day may do the job.

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