10 Slimming Tips to Survive the Festive Season

We all look forward to the holidays. Festivities, parties, presents, family and friends, and most especially, food. However, it can be quite a challenge if you’re trying to stick to the plan of losing weight while pies, chocolates, and other tempting food are just around the corner.

Here are the slimming tips on surviving the festive season.

  1. Swap Chocolate for Other Treats
    Chocolates are the best treats so far but there are millions of things that can alter as treats.
  2. Do Not Drastically Change
    Sometimes out of desperation we look for ways to instantly lose weight.
  3. Spend Time Outside
    You’ll feel refreshed and inspired to move. Having more energy increases strength, focus, and stamina, which can help you shed pounds faster and more successfully.
  4. Keep a Food Diary
    Keeping a food diary helps you focus as the need arises especially during the holiday season. You will feel in control if you are reminded of your eating habits.
  5. Use a Smaller Plate
    People tend to consume larger portions from big plates, which may lead to overeating.
  6. Get Support
    ttend a group every week to get support to stay on track.
  7. Remember Why 
    Remembering why you started in the first place can keep you motivated.
  8. Plan Ahead
    Planning meals ahead so that you won’t end up just grabbing anything from the fridge. Plan your meals, so you know what you are having and know you’ve got everything you need in the cupboards, and it’s especially important at a festive season when life can get really hectic!
  9. Dress To Impress
    Buying a gorgeous dress for the festive season can give you the motivation to stay on track and feel good and look great in it.
  10. Focus but Don’t Forget to Have Fun
    Be patient with yourself and your weight loss.

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