Dangerous Ideas Around Food and Health

Our bodies are intelligently and intricately made, but we otherwise seem not to understand the complexity of our systems.

We often resort to a quick fix to alter our body systems, opting for a fad diet to manipulate how our bodies work.

Wildfit Founder Eric Edmeades in his talk from Mindvalley’s A-Fest Greece explains how humans have strayed from the evolutionary roots of life.

Having struggled for ten years with sickness, seeking professional medical help characterized by needles, creams, inhalants, operations, and tonsils removed, he thought he was bound to live like that forever until one day, a friend of him told him to change his diet. Not only did he change his diet, but it also changed his life.

Ironically, he says, the multi-billion dollar industry has washed our brains to dangerous and unhealthy beliefs about food, health, and medicine.

Here’s what Eric Edmeades has to say.

  1. We’ve Been Using The Word Diet Wrong. Elephants eat around 200 kg of grass every day and 70 kg of water as their natural diet. He explains it is a way of life. Diet is a way of life. If you look for Latin and Greek explanations of this world, the answer would be, the way of life. However, humans tend to alter the meaning of the word, using it in the wrong way. Humans see diet as a temporary alteration to the way of life. This manipulation of the word’s meaning itself can manipulate you as well.

  2. How To Bio-Hack Your Body Based On Evolutionary Science And Behavioral Psychology. We have an innate application in our biological system, like Artificial Intelligence, hardwired for survival, self-propagation, and growth. About a million people before you have survived for the new generations, with 80% of infant mortality. The same thing goes with us. Our bodies are like computers that are programmed for survival. There is no software that says, “No, I won’t eat that available food.” Why? Because our ancestors never did that. They have lived on the edge of starvation every day, and there is no chance that they would have just walked past some food. It’s not our nature to walk past sugar. When you see a fruit, you don’t walk past it. The fruit stimulates your appetite; thus, you eat it. Sugar makes you eat more. Food now has been refined with sugar to boost your appetite, to make you want to eat more, but in an unhealthy manner. Why is this happening? Because the innate software that we have chosen to adjust and adapt to society’s ideals, altering it’s very basic purpose. The next time stress starts to creep in, acknowledge it as a signal, sort of communication that you do not want to be here anymore. Stress is like an ejection system, and to bio-hack that, get rid of stress. We are designed to survive, and stress should not be dwelled upon.

  3. How To Increase Your Awareness. Take a look at the things that you do and ask yourself, “Is this worth it? Am I doing the right thing?” Acknowledge the existence of that software in your body that have evolved for millions of years, even through difficult times. We exist because we choose to survive. That being said, there should be no place for self-ejection such as stress overcoming the natural capacity of our body.

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