Waist Trimmer Belt

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  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST. The belt measures 8” ¼’ by 41” ¾’, recommended for waist size 38” ¾’ and below. It’s normal for the belts to smell of Neoprene, which wears off after a few washes and normal usage.
  • SUPPORTS WEIGHT LOSS. The Slim Heat can help burn stubborn fat and unwanted curves better than sauna suits thanks to thermogenic heat retention that sheds excess water weight and toxins from your skin and pores.
  • COMFORTABLE FIT. Each adjustable neoprene exercise belt is super stretchy and adjustable to help you perfectly balance comfort and support. Designed for both men and women, you’ll love the form-fit feel and reliable core toning.
  • STRONGER CORE. The Slim Heat breathable waist trainer helps engage your core to burn belly fat, adds compression to improve strength and mobility, and supports rowing, CrossFit, Pilates, cycling, exercise, and daily wear.
  • GYM-FRIENDLY BONUSES. Along with your fat burning waist trimmer, you’ll also receive a smartphone sleeve that fits the iPhone and Android phones, as well as a breathable storage bag for easy and convenient belt storage for home or gym use.

Weight 0.78125 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2.5 in

57 reviews for Waist Trimmer Belt

  1. S***n

    This fits very nice and I had a good workout using it. I loved that it does not roll down. It keeps you midsection very tight during workout.

  2. D***a

    just what we needed, perfect fit, very satisfied coustomer

  3. T***y

    This belt is a very amazing product. When I received it, I started usij it right away, and within a short time, I saw amazing results that I couldn’t argue with. I advice anyone to try this because the results are just unbelievable.

  4. C***e

    Works well and is comfortable. Is easily hand-washed after a workout and dries fast. Really makes you sweat!

  5. K***n

    This product is so good that I purchased a second belt.

  6. H***i

    I have to say that this is one strong belt. I do crossfit workouts wearing this belt and it stays securely in place. Really impressed!

  7. K***n

    The belt is very well made and should last me for years. Makes my mid section sweat like crazy!! Its easy to use and very low maintenance. I wear it to work all day without any trouble. Just stays in place and doesnt cause buldging up.

  8. C***a

    I have been using mine for a few weeks now. comes in a easy to store and carry bag and easy to clean the belt. just wipe down with soap water and air dry. stays in place and looks pretty durable. my husband now wants one too.

  9. C***a

    A very good waist trimmer. Helps with a little back support some days at the gym.Received on time and product is as advertised. Fits great..size is acurate

  10. S***a

    I got one for myself and another for my daughter. we both love it and have been seeing consistent reduction in our waist lines ever since we started using the slimheat ab training belt.i would recommend this belt to amyone looking for the perfect and durable ab belt. its for men and women both.

  11. M***e

    This belt makes you sweat a lot. Honestly, I’m so glad I bought it. It will burn and melt your fat very quickly in the specific areas you use it.

  12. A***h

    Comfortable, provides some lumbar support, definitely promotes sweating during workouts. A great purchase.

  13. A***e

    Great Product! These don’t roll up or down because of that are long lasting. And,..I sweat much more in the Slim Heat belts.

  14. A***a

    Works well. Fits me comfortably. Just sitting and watching T.V. in this thing will cause a sweat to build up in the tummy area. Great for working out in, cleaning, or just chilling around the house.

  15. M***a

    Love this waist trimmer.

  16. K***e

    Durable and works great, my favorite thing to use during my workouts.

  17. D***d

    This product is the BEST!!! Guaranteed results I use it everyday with my workouts! And the sweat drips off!!!

  18. C***e

    Love this belt, I use is daily and can see results. Great for back support as well.

  19. P***a

    like it, does what its suppose to!!

  20. A***n

    Love this product, it really make me sweat!!!

  21. V***e

    Great product. Really helps to get you sweating! Would recommend to a friend,

  22. C***d

    I really love this product. It durable and gets the job done.

  23. R***a

    This trimmer is great! I got it to use with my fitness hoop to avoid bruising but, now I use it anytime I work out whether I am walking, running, power jumping, whatever. It definitely creates a sweat around my tummy area. It is adjustable and comfortable to wear. Also provides decent back support. Great purchase.

  24. Kevin W.

    My wife likes a lot. Excellentwhen she is going to the gym sweat enoughThe product is effective.She is satisfied

  25. G***e

    Works great!

  26. R***a

    I use this a lot did not disappoint.

  27. M***e

    Love it! It is light weight and I can easily wear under my clothes

  28. D***n

    It works, my mid section is sweating 10x more… Just the fitting is slightly odd, but it works.

  29. M***k

    Provides back and ab support while burning calories. What’s not to like?

  30. R***f

    great product, I am pleased with it

  31. R***o

    It really makes your belly sweat

  32. T***o

    This Slim Heat belt is nice because it feels thick and has longer torso coverage. All in all, I love the feel of being wrapped and compressed when I exercise, and like seeing the sweat drip, since I live in the desert and otherwise don’t sweat!

  33. B***y

    Works great and fit.

  34. M***t

    I love it so much and really great and works for my stomach getting flat

  35. J***e

    Great product, fast shipping exactly as described

  36. D***n

    This is the second one we have purchased. He wears it every day at the gym and loves it!

  37. S***e

    This is the best

  38. A***d

    Velcro is good and sturdy yet easy to remove. Great quality

  39. R***e

    3 words!! I love it!! Seems to heats me up all over. Highly recommend this wrap.

  40. J***y

    Can’t wait to try it.

  41. B***y


  42. J***n


  43. L***s

    I love it

  44. A***a

    Keeps my core nice and toasty, real quick.

  45. C***y

    Good waist trainer. Love it def makes ya sweat

  46. I***e

    strong wrap and great back support. I love it.

  47. M***a

    My wife loves it. Well made. Should last a long time.

  48. W***d

    I recommend this product! Makes your tummy sweat like crazy during a workout!

  49. L***a

    Love it! Love the lower back support.

  50. J***n

    Love wearing it in the morning while doing morning routine,and continue wearing it to work out and go for a walk. Its helping my back pain and helping me strengthen my stomach muscles. I don’t even know I’m sweating until I remove it.

  51. E***e

    Great quality

  52. H***a

    LOVE this waist trimming belt! Very well made; visually appealing; sturdy with finished trimming so it won’t tear along edges; also LOVE the extra attachable case for your phone or keys while jogging/working out!” Getting great results!

  53. L***e

    The belt itself is well made and of a good quality.

  54. F***a

    This is wonderful for keeping lower back muscles warm during workouts. I feel much more flexible when I have this on during my bike rides. But, if you think fat will melt away like butter if you warm it up, uh no. Diet and exercise will burn fat, not a belt around your waist.

  55. A***e

    Makes me sweat. I drip sweat with this belt on

  56. T***s

    Love this! It helps burn extra around the waist and stomach. It also helps with posture overall. I wear it while I’m working out and then rinse it after with cold water. Worth the buy. Good price.

  57. R***y

    I love it!!!

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