Body Wraps for Arms and Thighs

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  • ONE SIZE FITS MOST. Arms wrap 19” ¾’ x 6”, thighs wrap 30” x 7” ¾’. Please note, it is absolutely normal for the belts to smell of Neoprene which wears off after a few washes and normal usage.
  • HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS. Much like body wraps for your stomach, these arm and leg neoprene fat burners enhance your body’s natural thermogenic rate to promote healthy, natural weight loss that’s safe and effective.
  • EFFECTIVE DETOX. Burn stubborn body fat from under your arms and reduce cellulite on your thighs with premium neoprene body contouring wraps that help eliminate water weight and detoxify your skin and pores.
  • FLEXIBLE AND MOISTURE-WICKING. Crafted with premium neoprene that conforms to your body, our unisex slimming kit features a soft, non-slip surface that’s soft on the skin, wicks away sweat, and reduces odor retention.
  • HOME, WORK OR ON THE GO. This slimming body wraps properly fit your arms and thighs, letting you wear them under clothing as you go about your day, and come with a convenient carry bag so you can take them to work or the gym!

Weight 0.5625 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 8 × 2 in

65 reviews for Body Wraps for Arms and Thighs

  1. H***h

    this product really works and love that you can adjust the tightness to your liking. material is great and you feel the warmth from the wraps as soon as you. begin working out…does have a rubber smell to it though other than that you can’t beat this set especially for the price!

  2. V***k

    Worth purchase. Great fit! Not cheap material. Had family purchase also.

  3. T***y

    Very comfortable

  4. B***d

    Item was delivered as promised and is a great value!

  5. K***y

    It works, I like it

  6. B***y

    Waiting for results. Not really sure yet.

  7. N***a

    Easy to use! Great for anytime you need a little help with losing a quick inch or two!

  8. N***r

    Love! I actually just wear this while I sleep and I sweat so much! No notable difference in my arms but it has worked wonders on my thighs. Worth the buy.

  9. A***a

    Great product! Fits perfect.. I use it while working out and makes me sweat. love it. seller was very helpful highly recommend. Thanks

  10. G***d

    Muy bueno

  11. M***a

    I was not sure about buying the arm and thigh wraps but decided to try it and see. I am glad i decided to try cos they are really effective in reducing inches off your arms and thighs. I had purchased a sweat stick but i am going to return it since its unopened and it seems like i dont need any sweat creams with these wraps.

  12. Z***a

    Good Quality. Great product. Fits around my arms and thighs.

  13. H***n

    Superb product… This is probably the only waist trimmer that can be worn under cloths because the wide velcro strap keeps it tight and flat on your stomach. And depending on the shirt you wear, it will hardly be noticeable. It gives good back support too during cario workouts.

  14. F***l

    Burn baby Burn! These wraps really work! I have a thermogenic gel that I apply also and the sweat factor is tripled! I am seeing actual results using the wraps during exercise and will continue to use!! These really work so I highly recommend!!

  15. R***n

    Spend your money. I made this purchase because my friend raved about it. Well she and I are 2 different sizes. I’m a true to size 3x and it would not fit around my thighs. Which means I’ll slim down into them but the arm ones fit my bat wings

  16. Clara G.

    I like them very much they work great.

  17. L***a

    Works perfectly! Great results. Wear when I work out and in the sauna.

  18. K***m

    The arm wraps need to be more wide to cover good but other then that they are good.

  19. K***a

    I like the set it has nice Velcro and fits around my thighs but the only thing is they roll up my thigh after I use the restroom in between

  20. M***b

    Had to wait a little while before I could write a review, but these really work. Great product

  21. N***a

    Great product. These look just like the image the seller has. They work great. They definitely made me sweat. I did add a sweat cream but sweated more than usual with these bands. They’re comfortable too.

  22. A***y

    Worked well

  23. N***r

    I used it and I love it so much.

  24. Z***e

    Comfortable and easy to use. They are easy to put on. I haven’t experienced any weight loss in those areas yet, but I haven’t been using them very long. They make you sweat much more than usual which I believe will help with weight loss over time. I love them and really feel like I’m getting a good workout when using them.

  25. N***e

    Really like these arm and thigh wraps, I really appreciate that it’s so comfortable and I can sleep in them! Steve Hall

  26. R***e

    Perfect! Works great! Helps to tone and makes me sweat buckets!

  27. M***h

    Love!! Worth the purchase!

  28. L***e

    Comfortable and easy to use. These trimmers are comfortable, and they make you sweat like crazy. The arm trimmers catches the material on my shirts when I’m walking other than that they are great.

  29. P***y

    Love it! Really makes you sweat!!!

  30. D***e

    So far I believe I made a great purchase

  31. C***l

    These wraps are very effective for me. I do understnad that everyone’s body type is different but these are definitely worth the investement. They will make you sweat and you will see a definite improvement in a few weeks time. Just dont expect miracles overnight!

  32. S***a

    love these wraps. I ‘ve only used it 3 times and I notice a difference. Really makes you sweat. Would definitely recommend it. 🙂

  33. M***a

    I was pleasantly surprised that the product fit comfortably. After reading reviews I was sceptical of purchasing because I’m a big girl. I’m very pleased with the fit and the product seems to be of good quality. Multiple workouts will show me just how durable they are.

  34. J***n

    Nice product

  35. D***n

    they could be longer as they only go halfway up my thigh, and they look kinda silly at the gym, but they help me sweat a LOT. good quality.

  36. A***a

    Great price and really good also works really good.

  37. A***m

    Guys if you are skeptical about this product just get them and give it a try. There is nothing to lose. Try using the arm and thigh wrap on one side and no wraps in the other and you will see the difference in the amount of sweat after the workout. if you keep on using it only on one side of your body for a few weeks you will see the difference between the 2 sides very clearly. Off course you dont want to do that for too long though cos you will end up with disproportionate arms and thighs lol but this product is seriously worth trying.

  38. L***e

    Love em. They definitely work! I used them for the first time at the gym last night and they make my arms and legs sweat more. They stay put too which is a major plus.

  39. H***d

    Work will order again

  40. K***n

    Love it

  41. E***i

    These arm and thigh wraps are awesome. They help you sweat 10x more and you know what that means: the more you sweat the more you lose.Totally recommended if you want to lose weight very fast.

  42. F***e

    It does what it says!

  43. A***g

    works very well during my workouts.

  44. D***a

    A great product and well packaged. These bands are working great to help me reduce major swelling I had after knee surgery. I will keep using them in my exercise plan after recovery. They even came in a nice little pouch.

  45. C***e

    Works as advertised

  46. D***h

    I am 62 inches in height, with the thickest part of my thighs at 24 inches, and arms at 13.5 inches. The Slim Heat Body Wrap was easy to wrap around both body parts by myself. It does take a little balancing of the wrap, pulling and tugging going around my arm or thigh making it an even fit from the top of that certain body part to the bottom. The Velcro holds it in place nice and tight. I had a thin layer of coconut oil with lotion on my skin, and these wraps did not slip or slide down my arms or thighs. And yes, these wraps gave me a good sweat!

  47. M***h

    I love these band. I already see and feel the difference in my arms and thighs.My arms and thighs appear smoother.An added plus is once I put them on I already feel like im burning fat within 10 min.That helps me go harder on my workout!

  48. E***e

    Really like them.

  49. M***o

    Received them few days ago, they really make you sweat 😓 they don’t move from desire place and are very adjustable. Very satisfied with my purchase!!!

  50. G***e

    The product is working good so far. It’s of great quality.

  51. K***k

    These wraps are very well made. I like the fact it comes with its own pouch and are quite easy to put on. The arm wraps are tricky to put on, but with a little practice it becomes easy. These wraps make you sweat as they lock in the heat in the localized area.

  52. O***i

    These are great. Aids in my workouts.

  53. I***l

    It works. I am very pleased with the product. It exceeded my expectations. I am only using it for my thighs not for my arms. The product is good so I don’t see any necessary changes.

  54. E***l

    These are awesome. I’ve only had them a few days but used them twice just walking and wow! So much water came off these afterwards, they definitely make a difference.

  55. V***k

    Just what I was looking for. Love these a lot. I wear them while on the treadmill.

  56. N***e

    these are bigger then I thought they would be. but they do the job.

  57. J***s

    Fit perfectly!

  58. K***o

    Very satisfied. I am very pleased with the product. The quality is excellent and is Helping me to achieving my goal.

  59. F***h

    Can’t wait to try them.

  60. W***a

    Great Product. Perfect.

  61. C***e

    She liked it

  62. E***h

    Works great. Fits great.

  63. A***a

    😉 Extremely impressed

  64. D***i

    Love the product

  65. Richard R.

    Arrived quickly and it fit my thighs and arms. I’m 5’4 and 230lbs, so my concern was that it would be too small but it wasn’t!

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