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  • PURE KETO DIET PILLS are the best keto supplements for weight loss management.
  • WHY KETO MAX BURN+? Our 100% natural keto pills aid your body’s ketosis while burning fat for energy.
  • TURN FAT FOR FUEL, Keto Max Burn+ continuously helps support your body’s ketosis and helps raise HDL.
  • AIDS APPETITE SUPPRESSION, max strength proprietary formula enhances metabolism and increases energy.
  • MADE IN THE USA, GMP certified and FDA approved facility with 100% pure, all-natural, vegan-friendly, vegetarian, hormone-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free, sugar-free, non-GMO ingredients.
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16 reviews for KETO MAX BURN+

  1. M***e

    It was a Saturday so I didn’t actually alter my diet before a few days after. On Tuesday I can tell it had already put me in keto (Monday was my first keto ingestion day). Went out of city on week two so didn’t really adhere to any diet but if I take it first thing in the afternoon I’m not even hungry till after lunch time. I don’t weigh myself however I can tell by how my pants fit that 19 days in I am losing inches. It obvi works best when I’m watching what I eat, however the simple fact that it still works even when I am not even is such a enormous help! I intend on carrying this before I reach my target size (likely several months) and will probably keep some on hand to help keep! I nearly bought another variant but based on the reviews I’ve chose to test Keto Max rather, I am so glad I did!

  2. R***e

    I’ve been using this product for nearly the whole month now that’s pretty much the whole jar I only visit the fitness center 30 minutes a day Monday through Friday to use the treadmill and also havent changed my eating habits (I eat a lot of junk) I have seen a significant difference and would continue to utilize the product

  3. D***a

    When I was getting ready to begin the transition into some Keto lifestyle, I read about the keto flu, as well as other issues that folks were getting making the transition; and, I became nervous. I did more research, and came across Keto Max burn. I purchased it, and I’ve used it every day since. I am doing STRICT Keto… 25 days in and 15 1/2 pounds down! I needed a catapult to get me started and place my own body into ketosis. This product did precisely that. After two days I was burning fat for fuel plus I saw the pounds just melt off. In 3 weeks I’d lost 18 lbs and felt fantastic. I have not faltered with carbs and I am now down 25 pounds after 7 months. I believe this product really works in combination with the right diet. I’m reordering and anticipating burning fat.

  4. N***a

    Keto Max helped me to maintain Ketosis and it also gave me vigor through my morning workout.

  5. Y***e

    Bought these for a relative and she believes they work really well! The flavor is basic..nothing strong and it comes sealed. Not sure about the science behind how they work but not or placebo it makes her feel much better and look better!

  6. C***a

    I take them with a Keto lifestyle and these supplements actually work. They’ve helped me maintain ketosis. I am post menopausal and have hypoglycemia. It has been very difficult to shed weight until I discovered the ideal combination for me. Together with diet I take these supplements and their Berberine plus a few alpha lipoic and forskolin. I have lost 20lbs and 25″. My blood glucose is healthy.

  7. G***a

    It’s been difficult to steer clear of carbs and junk food when intense cravings begin kicking , and having club meetings with free pizza/desserts doesn’t help either. I don’t actually need to be worried about those cravings anymore because of Slimheat Keto MaxBurn. I’m now making healthy food options, and it has been easier to say to things such as cookies. I’ve found a reliable partner to create my own weight loss journey a success and also to boost my health.

  8. S***a

    I am full blown menopausal, with the signs of excessive mid segment weight, mood & absence of vitality. I haven’t took this long enough to see a massive difference but I really do believe it’s making any progress. I would love to continue to observe some more advance

  9. C***a

    I told me if after a bottle it didn’t do anything for me personally I’d ditch it. The exact opposite happened and that I already lost 2-3 pounds during my 2nd week of choosing this Keto diet pills. I eat 3 meals a day and still feel complete without the need of taking breaks between. No more snacking on junk foods.

  10. M***e

    Amazing!! I’ve tried so many diet pills throught time, teas, shakes, all of this and this really is the best appetite suppressant ever! It contrasts to phentermine the pharmaceutical diet pill in my remarks. I’ve lost 10 lbs and its been only 2 weeks.

  11. K***i

    I am not a man who’s addicted to supplements because I don’t believe , but this one is different, the outcomes convinced me! I’ve been taking it for half month and my weight decreased 3lbs already, also I’m not on keto dietplan. Wonderful!

  12. G***a

    I had been taken the quantity of dose as perscribe, but that I was not losing weight. I know it had been working, because I’d find this feeling in my stomach like my stomach had been decreasing. I wasn’t after a keto diet and that I presumed the reason behind losing weight. As I began following the keto, I am finally losing weight. My belly is decreasing. I will continue to take slimheat Keto Max burn to see if I continue to see success.

  13. S***e

    I experience the annoying side effects of going on a keto diet. Earlier, I felt lethargic and demotivated.
    I usually take 2 capsules in the morning and it immediately gives me enough power to do house chores, hit the gym and work for the remainder of the day. I really feel like another man in a better way!

  14. D***a

    I started taking these in hope of obtaining a jolt of electricity. I am in college and do a whole lot of daily reading and studying. I didn’t get the”jolt”, but something better. I started experiencing a general sense of wellbeing. My focus has improved along with the bonus is that I am already noticing my clothes are fitting looser and it hasn’t even been a month yet. My husband started sneaking tablets out of my bottle, so I’ll definitely have to purchase more. so far, so great and I will keep you posted.

  15. B***i

    I am attempting to lose weight, so I bought those pills to find out whether they would help me lose a few pounds. I take them regular like the jar tells me also and I notice outcomes. I’ve lost weight and it’s helping me go into the restroom frequently because I fought with constipation.

  16. H***h

    I put on an insane amount of weight in 43 days and had been trying hard to get back to wearing my skinny jean (after attaining this much weight I could barely fit inside my fat jeans ) My brother told me to try keto nutritional supplements. I tried two other manufacturers with no fortune and the I found slimheat KETO MAX BURN… what a huge difference! I lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks and my weight is coming down. My skinny jeans come out of storage and draped over my chair. I’ll be slipping those on every single day of spring!

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