Garcinia Cambogia

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  • 100% PURE POWERFUL 95% HCA Garcinia Cambogia extract aids appetite suppression, helps prevent fat storage.
  • SHOWN TO CURB APPETITE by increasing serotonin levels, complements a healthy diet, and workout routine.
  • SUPPORTS HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS in men and women.
  • MAX STRENGTH fast-acting formula for best results, helps boost mood.
  • MADE IN THE USA, GMP certified and FDA approved facility with 100% pure, all-natural, vegan-friendly, vegetarian, hormone-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free, sugar-free, non-GMO ingredients.
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15 reviews for Garcinia Cambogia

  1. M***e

    I love this product it’s so good I’ve lost over 15 pounds using garcinia Cambodia and I feel great. 3 times a day that’s all and I don’t feel deprived I still eat my favorite foods just in smaller portion . Please try it you’ll love it.

  2. K***e

    This is a good product. I am always skeptical about these types of products but after taking this product AS DIRECTED, I find it to be very effective and side effect free! My body is very sensitive to so-called appetite suppressants that contain high levels of caffeine but that is what it usually takes most of the time to really SUPPRESS my hearty appetite, so this was such a pleasant surprise! I haven’t felt any nervousness or jitteriness, just a notable disinterest in food (unless of course, it happens to be something deliciously chocolate) which has made it much easier to not eat when I’m not really hungry which is my biggest problem with food actually. I tend to be a grazer and this product has inhibited my desire to constantly seek out something to munch on especially in the evenings when I’m more apt to do so. I don’t get all caught up in weight watching really but I have noticed my clothing is starting to hang a little looser so I’m just going to keep taking it for awhile longer and see what happens. I’ll just have to see how many bottles of this I go through before I REALLY notice a difference. To Be Continued…

  3. B***y

    So. Here’s the thing. I was skeptical about this product, as probably many other people. After all there are so many ineffective supplements on the market, this one is “just another one”. Then I read some reviews around and decided to test it. I was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 2 about 2 years ago and, no matter the TONS of prescriptions I took, with awful side effects, it was really hard to follow a diet and trying to lose weight. On top of that none of the Victoza, Metformin, Novolog and I don’t even remember how many others, would help with keeping the cravings down. OR the blood sugar (always around 190 on my meter). Your product came on April 18 and I started it right away. After 24 hours (3 pills) I was shocked I was NOT opening the refrigerator every two hours because I was hungry. Within one week 4 pounds were gone and I was still doing great in eating ONLY my normal meals (which btw thanks to the pill taken 1 hour before each meal) were reduced in size. It’s quite “weird” for me going to a restaurant and leave half of whatever I order in the plate, being used to finish all and maybe ask for more. But You do feel you’re “satisfied” and that’s all the food you want to eat. I’m not getting up 3 times while I’m sleeping because of the gallons of water I was drinking before. I can have a FULL 8 hours sleep. Hadn’t happened in over a year. My blood sugar, although still high, is now around 140 in the morning, another thing hadn’t happened in over a year. I am now able to go to the gym twice a week, always postponed before for being too tired or unmotivated. Not that exercise is required, but I do feel much better than before and I want to “do my part”. Well all my skepticism about this product is entirely gone. I am NOT even used to write reviews….but I do hope this one will help someone as skeptic as I was, in testing it out. I have a long road ahead, I need to drop at least another 90 pounds just to go back to normal. However, for the FIRST time in over 7 years I DO feel I can make it. I’m glad I followed my instinct and I’m also glad I found THIS product, because I do believe the composition of yours is much better than other products out there. I can only thank you. All those prescription drugs were doing more damage than healing. pills to keep this down but that will cause liver issues and OTHER pills to “protect” the liver.. All I’m taking now is Victoza at night and 1 Garcinia Cambogia before each meal. I lost about 10 pounds. Is true that, like in all processes, in the beginning you see sometimes even half a pound a day, then it slows down. I know that’s normal and I will start losing more weight soon. My worst enemy was being unable (read: I have no spine) to over eat during meals and between meals. All that is gone. It’s like living again a normal life. …and that is priceless. Thank you

  4. T***a

    I have been taking this product for 18 days and have lost 10 pounds. I really like it because make me eat less and I feel fuller faster.

  5. S***a

    I love these pills!! I have been dropping weight pretty quickly and definitely will continue to use these!! I have told my family and friends about my losing weight and now quite a few of them are on them!! I want to keep taking them as long as I can afford to…i feel so much better health wise since taking Garcinia Cambogia…Thank you again so much. Kathy

  6. J***e

    I weighted my self today and after 3 weeks I have lost 15 pounds, I was 235 and I am now 220. But I am also using the slimheat keto detox and eating better then before.

  7. C***e

    One week 7 lbs down…….I am taking probiotic as well. I have never been able to lose weight. I feel like it is on now…..goodbye fat hello healthy.

  8. L***a

    This product has been the only herbal formula to actually produce positive results in my weight loss struggles. I have developed arthritis in my knees and weight loss is necessary. I have been 360 lbs for too long and have tried many other products that claimed to work but produced little to zero results. After using this Garcinia Cambogia as directed I have come down 20 lbs in less than a month. I have experienced no side effects or problems and as long as this product continues to work I am looking forward to further weight loss and the easing of my painful knee problem. This has started me onto the path for a healthier life.Stay tuned…….

  9. Y***e

    I gained 10 lbs over the Holidays, and i did everything i knew to lose it (eating healthy/high protein and working out) but nothing worked. My biggest problem was cheating because of cooking for my family. I started taking garcinia cambrosia about 6 weeks ago, and the weight started coming off without changing anything. I don’t cheat nearly as much because of reduced appetite, and when i do, the carb blocker makes it much less harmful. I’ll always use it when i need to lose weight. There were no side effedts. I felt perfectly normal the whole time.

  10. L***a

    This product is amazing. I have lost about 10 pounds in 15 days and part of that was before I even started working out. I will most definitely keep purchasing this product.

  11. E***l

    On my first bottle I lost 25 pounds. Drink one gallon a day eat a little cleaner and run around 8 hours a day at work.

  12. E***a

    I have taken Slimheat Garcinia Cambogia for the last 4 years and have lost 132 pounds. I have found that This manufacturer is the best. I will continue with Slimheat from now on.

  13. M***a

    It has been 6 days and I have lost 9lbs. To be honest, I tried it when I first for it in May and I didn’t lose anything but 1 pound because I was eating crazy, and drinking everything but water. The difference with this time is that I drink at least 3 liters of water per day, I don’t eat fast food, I make my own meals and TRY to stay away from the carbs.I will make a sand which with the sand which thins and a veggie burger for lunch and maybe a egg or fruit. just monitor what you eat and drink water!!!I have not worked out one day in these 6 days. Drinking water activates it so it can burn fat and you can get rid of the fat.

  14. K***a

    So far I have lost 15 pounds! I still eat what I want, but this helps me to have less cravings, and to feel full faster.

  15. L***e

    I have found this product to definitely stop cravings and appetite. I am now also eating smaller portions and feel pleasantly full. This product is helping to correct a lifestyle of thinking I have to eat as much as in the past. When we eat out i still may get the same items I would normally get but I’ll take half of it home for another meal later. So, it is also cost-effective. This product is working and I don’t feel any side effects like some other weight loss products.

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