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  • MAX STRENGTH ketone diet drops support weight loss, aids appetite suppression, and improves energy.
  • POTENT FAT BURNER and energy enhancer with proprietary formula help boost and maintain ketosis.
  • METABOLISM BOOSTER, 100% vegan keto liquid weight loss drops help to convert fat into energy and raise HDL.
  • AIDS’ APPETITE SUPPRESSION, absorbs faster than pills, capsules, and powders leading to faster results.
  • MADE IN THE USA, GMP certified and FDA approved facility with 100% pure, all-natural, vegan-friendly, vegetarian, hormone-free, lactose-free, gluten-free, antibiotic-free, sugar-free, non-GMO ingredients.
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16 reviews for KETO SHRED DROPS+

  1. R***e

    It really curves your desire. Just two little droppers and you’re set for the afternoon! Definitely will buy again!

  2. M***e

    It really does control my desire, which was out of control. Thus far I’ve lost 11.6 lbs. The best part is I will clearly inform the difference in the amount of belly fat I’ve lost, since it is where I gain the majority of my weight. I love the results! The flavor of the product has taken some getting used to, however I’ve got strong aversion to any medicinal/herbal infusion after taste. I highly recommend this item.

  3. H***n

    This works I’m losing weight and burning in my tummy and thighs

  4. H***i

    I enjoy the simplicity of carrying the drops under the tongue. There is not much flavor, but what there is, is good. I’ve been carrying this for almost 3 weeks. I have noticed a increase in my energy that I am loving and the”bloating” I frequently feel is gone. I don’t have a scale, so I really don’t know how much weight I’ve lost, but that I finally have a pair of jeans which are too large for me. That’s a HUGE plus. I am performing the 10 drops 3 times every day. I am assuming morning, noon and night is best, though I’ve not read any details on when to take them If anybody knows, please let me know. I will continue with the drops and adhering to the Keto dieting the best I can and hopefully I will see more results shortly.

  5. E***a

    I’ve had a significant issue with over eating and this meal suppressant capability is through the roof. With it I’ve been in a position to reduce the percentage size of my foods and shed a healthful 15 lbs. In 4 weeks. It’s user friendly. I simply take it in the afternoon and it works for me . I found that one serving in the dropper is about 15 drops.

  6. N***a

    Initially I was scared to test it since I believed it’d taste weird but after braving tasting and up the taste is just nice and it is easy easy simple to use. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. I also realized after just a couple of days of working with the product my desire has changed…I don’t get hungry as often and when I’m eating I don’t want much to eat. I have realized improvement in my own weight particularly in my belly. It’s beginning to look snatched! I fully advocate and endorse this product as it’s word each penny❤️

  7. B***h

    I am not doing the Keto diet but wanted something to help curb my desire. I’ve just been using this a couple of days and adore the extra energy. I even skipped my day chocolate.

  8. S***l

    Product is Fantastic. Surely helps because I don’t get to the gym much because I work but also in my feet a lot at work. Already told my friends on it.

  9. J***e

    I had no real expectations, but the weight is currently coming off. This item helps with appetite suppression and curbs unnecessary and stress snacking, but nevertheless allows for the true appetite to look. I am down 5lbs in only a couple days.

  10. L***a

    I enjoy it because it’s easy to take and appears to be operating as long as I stick to my work out and eatting correctly. This material helps in which other stuff I have tried did not.

  11. A***a

    It will curb my appetite and I don’t feel the temptation to consume any unhealthy snacks. So far didn’t notice any weight loss but it’s early. I am seeking to see the outcomes that I know is coming. Will wait and watch and deft advocate this item. Give it a try so far I am contented with it.

  12. M***e

    Up to now I have been using it for a week. It was a fast arrival, started using it the following day. My appetite is controlled and that I use to eat major portions. I don’t believe the boost on energy like I work but I really do feel that the apetite control and letting me eat healthier portions and creating better meal decisions

  13. K***a

    Alright. I was not able to utilize this for the whole 30 days since a scheduled surgery got cancelled due to corona and they gave me brief note for your new date and of course, they make you give up taking most things prior to a surgery. What I will tell you is it tasted surprisingly great. I have taken other drops which were horrible. These were actually pleasant to take. Additionally they did appear to help with controlling my desire and I did shed a couple of pounds during the time I managed to carry them. After I am done with my operations I plan on taking them again.

  14. K***e

    It definitely curbs my appetite in addition to gives me more energy. I have not been taking it every day, but I am happy because I certainly noticed a difference over the days I do take it versus the days I do not. I utilize keto test strips and every one of the days I took it I was in ketosis so whether It was due to the item or my diet that I can’t say, but it didn’t kick me out of ketosis which makes it a triumph in my book. The taste isn’t awful but it also isn’t great, however you simply need to keep it under your tongue for 15 seconds . . .you get accustomed to it. Overall I totally think that is a product worth trying if it matches the way you live!

  15. A***a

    I mixed it up with water and there’s wasn’t really a flavor to it. I plan on using it within my diet daily.

  16. N***i

    I’m new at taking this solution but I have to say I’m quite happy with merchandise! I do not have the munchies throughout the day just like I use to. It has also greatly decreased my appetite!I discover that no meals in 4pm functions for me. I normally go to be around 11pm. Thus far I am very content!

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